It’s me, your fearless leader. It is now an entirely different year than it was since the last time we spoke. We have moved through three different Zodiac windows (it’s now the AGE OF AQUARIUS, for reference). In short, it’s been a long ass time, and I’m going to offer an explanation for that.

Blogtober was a lot of fun, but it was also a ton of pressure for me as a new blogger to try to figure out the entire world while embarking on this giant project while ALSO making my way through my very first full semester of my accelerated graduate program. I took on too much. I bit off more than I could chew. This will surprise literally no one.

And usually, it’s fine. I’m an ambitious person. I like being busy. I work full time, I go to grad school full time, and I’m still trying to cram time in for things like fitness and learning new languages and reading books. It’s just who I am. That being said, I started this blog to be a stress-free, creative outlet that I could use to just create and let loose. Blogtober turned this blog into the opposite of that; I was feeling pressured to just pump out content as fast as I could, regardless of whether I really wanted to write about it that day or whether I thought it was as great as it could be.

So I neeed a step back, and what I thought was going to be a teeny step became a BIG step. But honestly, now that I’m getting into the swing of things again, I really missed it. And so here I am.

I’m going to do a lot of revamping, redesigning, reorganizing. I’m going to start talking about things that bring me joy, and get some brighter colors up in here. (This will probably be pretttttyyy slow because I work like, nine hours a day and go to school three more, but it will HAPPEN).

If you’re still reading this, thank you for being patient with me, thank you for hanging on, and thank you for letting me fail and make mistakes and still come back to try again.



First Time’s a Charm

Hello all, and welcome to my corner of the internet.

I’m Kate. I’m twenty-three, in grad school, and casually trying to find the meaning of life. I like staying busy, talking about the universe (and pop culture), and contemplating the meaning of our existence over a glass of wine or cup of coffee.

Thus, my new project. I’ve come to the realization lately that I’m such an insanely creative person, and the one thing I really enjoy is creating in and of itself. Literally anything, if it’s writing, painting, even cooking, just anything that allows me to be creative and put a little bit more of myself into the world. I thought blogging might be a fun thing to try out, since it’s nothing I’ve ever done before.

Also, I feel like there are not many places to just honestly, openly talk about the struggle of being young, on the post-grad-grind, and trying to figure out what to do with the rest of your life. Everyone I see blogging these days is like, twenty-four and living in beautiful apartments with dogs and world travels, and I totally want to be that person, but I am totally NOT that person yet. So, here we are, and here I am. Let’s chat.

A bit more about me: My name is Kate. I’m twenty-three, living in Connecticut where I went to college. I’m officially a year and a half post-grad. I’m in the process of trying new things, developing my career path, learning how to be the healthiest version of myself, and doing my best to make my role in the world one filled with good energy and creation.  I am here to fearlessly and authentically live life true to who I am and what I enjoy; I care WAY too much about what people think, and I’d like to change that.

So, thank you for being here, for reading, and for hopefully sticking around. Let’s see where this goes.