Meet Me


I’m KATE! 

I’m 24, and I live in southern Connecticut (for the moment…)

I’m a master’s student studying PUBLIC RELATIONS and STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION.

I’m getting MARRIED in October 2020 to my BEST FRIEND of 5 years.

I exist to CREATE. 

Writing, fashion, beauty, DIY projects…anything creative makes me the HAPPIEST! 

This blog is a place where I can freely create, try things out, make mistakes, and learn more about life and myself

I have a pet rat named Gavroche (he’s really so cuddly!)

I like meditating, baking, plants, and working out.

My favorite colors are PINK, PURPLE, and TIFFANY BLUE.

THANKS for stopping by!  Shoot me a message if you have any questions, ideas, or are interested in collaborating!