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Blogtober Day 10: Where Have I BEEN?! / Blogtober Reboot

Yo yo,

I’m back, okay, sorry about this whole thing. While I understand Blogtober is a post a day for the entire month of October, there were some minor complications that got me a good bit behind. Namely, I came down with an absurdly horrible sinus infection and did nothing but blow my nose and snuggle up with my fiance for about two or three days. I’m also currently booking my wedding venue, so it’s just been a wild ride.

Now that I’m a semi-functioning person again, I figured I should start getting my life in order. That meant picking this back up again. I thought about trying to backlog and fill in all the posts I missed, but then I thought that was a ridiculous idea, and if I did that I’d never catch up, so we’re just picking up right here, day 10, and moving forward from there. I’ll try to be more on my shit, no intense promises, but wow have I learned a lot about PREPPING BLOG POSTS.

Okay, there’s my update, sorry for being so short, but I will be back tomorrow with a REAL Blogtober post!

See ya soon!


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