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Self Care Sunday: Recent Self Care & Intentions

Hey party people,

Happy Sunday! Something about Sundays is just so relaxing. Maybe it’s just the long time association of Sunday being a “day of rest,” honestly I’m not sure. To me, Sundays tend to be a good day to reflect, clean, and just generally get my life together.

I also really like to emphasize self care on Sundays, which is why I’m beginning this series called Self Care Sunday, where I’ll discuss one aspect of self care each week. This week, since it’s the first, I’m just going to reflect on my own recent efforts in self care and what I could be doing better.

Something I’ve been really emphasizing, as someone who is perpetually busy, is letting myself slow down and not having to cram my days full of useless tasks if I really don’t have much to do. It’s letting myself meditate, light candles, read a book, and essentially just give my body and soul whatever it needs at the time.

Today, for instance, I feel awful. Undecided if it’s allergies or me getting sick, but self care for me means listening to myself. Sure, I could clean the kitchen, change my rat’s bedding, clean my bedroom, do some homework, work on some events for work, etc. Instead, I recognized how awful I was feeling. I took a really hot shower. I drank some tea. I snuggled on the couch with my boyfriend and watched Beauty and the Beast. I’m typing this blog post, and then I’ll probably read a book, watch some Netflix, or take a nap. Do I have things I could be doing immediately? Sure, but I could also do them early tomorrow morning when I’ll hopefully feel better and just let myself have today.

honestly, this is basically what I look like today.  I’m not even sorry.

So that’s my focus for this week. It’s important to love yourself and treat yourself well, and make allowances for yourself. You would tell a friend to take it easy and be kind to themselves, so you should be doing the same for yourself.

Alright, I’m off to start a book (or maybe a new Netflix series). Talk to you soon!



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