Let’s Get Real: The Truth About Abortion & The Heartbeat Bills

We need to TALK. And some of you are going to get pretty angry, but please, hear me out. We’re here to chat about abortion legislation, because it affects us all, whether you like it or not. If you’re riding on the coattails of the pro-life movement, it’s likely for one of the following reasons:

A) you’re not entirely aware of exactly what abortion constitutes or why people would have one

B) you feel as though your religious beliefs validate the need for legal regulation of abortion

Disclaimer One: no, I have never had an abortion. I’m not sure if I ever would or not. And yes, I was raised Roman Catholic. That being said, let me tell you why restrictive abortion legislation is a death sentence looming over women’s equality.

First, let’s establish our working definition of abortion. For many years (and still in some cases), abortion was used to refer to any expulsion of a fetus or embryo from the uterus before it was considered viable; miscarriages were referred to “spontaneous abortions” regularly until the term was changed for various social and historical reasons we don’t have time to unpack (although I will link an article here if you’re interested, because it is a fascinating read). So, for our purposes, “abortion” from here on out refers to a medically induced abortion with the intention of electively ending pregnancy.

What you need to know: According to the CDC in 2015, 91.1% of abortions were performed at 13 weeks or less. 7.6% were performed at 14-20 weeks, and 1.3% were performed at 21 weeks or more gestation.

HOWEVER: Most women do not find out they’re pregnant until they are four to seven weeks pregnant, and that’s still considered to be early; some women don’t know until they’re nearing the end of their first trimester. Morning sickness doesn’t even usually begin until week 6.

Let’s say you have an irregular period to start with, and you don’t start experiencing any heavy symptoms until week 6, when you start throwing up and feeling “off”. You’ve been stressed at work and think you might have come down with a bug, so you wait a week to see if it passes, and when it doesn’t, you make a doctor’s appointment, where you will presumably find out you’re pregnant. Well, I hope you’re ready to be a mom, because you’re now 7.5-8 weeks pregnant, and if you try to get an abortion, you’ll be sent to prison or executed.

Yeah. That’s what I said.

Let’s first discuss Georgia’s Heartbeat Bill, HB-481, which was just signed into law, effective January 2020. This bill is one of the most restrictive to exist. In the state of Georgia, abortion is effectively banned after six weeks of pregnancy- aka, when doctors can usually detect a heartbeat for the first time via transvaginal ultrasound (if it’s a standard ultrasound, that number will likely be closer to 7-8 weeks, and in fact, some healthcare providers won’t look for a heartbeat until then. Also too late for an abortion.)

A reminder that six weeks of pregnancy is about the equivalent of a two week late period, which anyone with a uterus knows is not unusual. Reasons for a late period include stress, change in diet, change in exercise, change in hormones, undiagnosed medical condition, trauma, and the list goes on. So, as per the example above, if you don’t find out you’re pregnant until over halfway through your first trimester, as is common, and you decide you need an abortion, that is now illegal.

Women who seek out illegal abortions can be tried and convicted for second-degree murder, which is punishable by 10-30 years in prison or by death. How “pro-life” is that? 

Wait, there’s more. Women who miscarry can be interrogated while prosecutors try to determine if she induced her own miscarriage. If it’s decided that she did, we’re looking again at second-degree murder. In the middle of a miscarriage, a horribly traumatic, painful, agonizing experience, the police will show up and interrogate you to decide whether or not they think you should go to prison for it.

Think they should just leave Georgia? Guess again. “If a Georgia resident plans to travel elsewhere to obtain an abortion, she may be charged with conspiracy to commit murder…an individual who helps a woman plan her trip to get an out-of-state abortion, or transports her to the clinic, may also be charged with conspiracy.” (Cited here).So, we know what abortion is. Women may seek abortions for many reasons: financial, safety, circumstancial, health, etc. It is the general consensus of the pro-choice community that it is every woman’s own business if and why she seeks an abortion. If you’re pro-life, keep reading.

Let’s discuss Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill, which is HB-182. This bill specifically seeks to ban insurance companies from covering abortion services. The below quote is taken from the linked article above.

“The bill would ban nontherapeutic abortions that include ‘drugs or devices used to prevent the implantation of a fertilized ovum.’

And Becker says the bill also speaks to coverage of ectopic or tubal pregnancies where the fertilized egg attaches outside of the womb.

‘Part of that treatment would be removing that embryo from the fallopian tube and reinserting it in the uterus so that is defined as not an abortion under this bill,’ Becker explains.

‘That doesn’t exist in the realm of treatment for ectopic pregnancy. You can’t just re-implant. It’s not a medical thing,’ says Jaime Miracle, deputy director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio.”

One more time: You cannot “re-implant” an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg implants itself outside of the uterus and begins to grow. Obviously, this is not sustainable, and will eventually result in a number of things, mainly hemorrhaging, a ruptured fallopian tube (presuming that is where it’s attached, as it commonly does), and death. Yes, this will kill you. And medically, you cannot “implant” an ectopic pregnancy. That procedure does not exist.

This bill in Ohio will also target birth control. It plays on the commonly used [re: scientifically inaccurate] idea that birth control is an abortifacient, or a drug that causes abortion. Conception and abortifacients are not the same thing, as anyone with a basic understanding of reproductive health will tell you. But when the bill says “anything that stops a fertilized egg from implanting”…and the idea of birth control is to prevent pregnancy…which is when a fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus…you see where this is going.

One last very, very important point. Abortion and pregnancy decisions are between a woman and her doctor. The law has no place in it. Friends and family have no place in it. People on the street or passing by have no place in it. It is an incredibly personal, emotional decision, and it is nobody’s business besides that woman and the healthcare professional she trusts.

You do not have to want an abortion, or like abortions, or agree with abortions to be pro-choice. You just have to agree that your body is your own business, and pregnancy is too dangerous and full of consequence to force on an unwilling human being. Women still die from pregnancy complications today. Georgia has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the country, and that will only get worse with this law.

If you identify with the pro-life movement, but you think a woman’s full, established life is worth less than her unborn fetus, you are not pro-life. 

If you identify with the pro-life movement, but you support a law punishing women who get abortions or have miscarriages with decades in prison or the death penalty, you are not pro-life.

If you have read all of the facts, if you still think this law is a good idea, you are not pro-life. You are anti-women. 

If you ARE pro-life because you care about life and the value and sanctity of it, then speak out against these laws! Support universal healthcare, and birth control, and education, and welfare. Take in foster children and adopt. Support things that actually contribute to quality of life.

If you’re a Christian, you’ll know that Jesus would tell you to stop judging everyone else. He’d tell you not to throw stones unless you’re free from sin. Understand that in America, we have something called separation of church and state, which means that your religious beliefs cannot dictate the laws that govern another person and their freedoms. Your religious beliefs can dictate how you vote for things that increase quality of life for people who are living, and that help to effectively minimize unwanted pregnancies, and I sincerely hope you ask yourself “What Would Jesus Do,” and support those values I stated in the paragraph above.

Now. I know this was long. I know this was heavy. I know this was necessary. This is a direct attack on women’s bodily autonomy. We are headed for a dark place, one only seen from behind white bonnets in the oppressive world of a Margaret Atwood novel. Act. Speak. Get angry. Stop caring about being too loud, being too outspoken, making people too uncomfortable. We do not arrive at change without work, and nothing ever got accomplished from being too afraid to speak.

“Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.” -Maggie Kuhn

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” -Desmond Tutu

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DISCLAIMER: All opinions posted here are solely my own, all research done solely to the effect to speaking out on my personal blog. This post and my opinions are not affiliated with or on behalf of any groups, organizations, or companies. This is an opinion-based piece, although it does seek to inform. It should not be mistaken as a journlistic source, although I have done my best to back up my opinions with hard facts. 


Big Moves in May!

No, I mean literally. I moved!

Last week, I packed up all my stuff, took a bunch of finals, cried and hugged my roommate a lot, and hopped in a U-Haul truck with all my earthly possessions (re: my fiance hopped in the scary big truck and I followed in my car). Where did we go, might you ask?


I’m sure everyone is shocked and surprised. All jokes aside, Bobby and I got an apartment! It’s very small, but cute, and we get to live there and eat ice cream for dinner if we want, because we’re adults (but we usually don’t do that).

It’s been a super big adjustment already, even though it’s only been a week. Of course, that might have to do with the fact that our apartment has a gas leak and we don’t have a stove but it’s good, it’s good, we’re fine. (The gas is shut off, so we aren’t going to die or anything, we just literally can’t cook anything. Because they gave us two hot plates to use, and then our kitchen outlets stopped working, too. So.) But hey, that’s New York I guess???



Anyway, so we’re adjusting. I only took a subway the wrong way once. I am still looking for a job though, so if anyone needs any help in media or PR or graphic design or literally anything along those lines,  HIT YA GIRL UP!

I think I’m going to write up some kind of apartment hunting guide or something along those lines, because, contrary to what it seems, Bobby and I did actually do an EXCELLENT job of apartment hunting (I swear, everything else about our apartment except our inherent bad luck is excellent.)

Anyway, I’m  off to run to class now (because yes, I’m still commuting to finish my degree. Three hours on a subway/train/bus is NOTHIN’.) Just wanted to post a little because it’s been so long. I’m trying to settle into a good posting routine, it’s just been nuts with the move and classes and prepping for graduation this summer.

Talk to ya soon!

March Favorites

When trying to compile a list of my favorite things from this past month, I tried creating some semblance of order, some pattern, or even some categories, but was forced to conclude that I’ve been obsessed with way too many different things this month, and we’re just going to have to roll with it.

The first thing I’ve been crazy about is Starbucks’ iced matcha latte with coconut milk. It’s my own personal belief that if springtime had a taste, it would be this beverage. I mean, just look at it:

It even looks like spring! I know there’s sugar in it, but it’s not my favorite because it’s 100% good for you, okay? I’m hoping I still get some of the matcha benefits from it, but if not, it’s still tasty enough to enjoy.

My second favorite is the NYX Duo Chromatic Lip Gloss in the shade Booming. I put just a smidge on top of any given lipstick and it transforms it into a fun, metallic, brand new look. I get so many compliments wearing it!

Also in the realm of beauty products is the Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo. I buy the purple one that builds volume and it REALLY DOES. It revives my day two (or three) hair the perfect amount, soaking up the oil while giving it just the right amount of “va-voom” to make it fresh again.

The next thing is the Tone It Up Studio Tone It Up app! I’ve loved the TIU brand for ages; Karena and Katrina are amazing, and this app is a lifesaver. I’ll do a full review another time, but if you are insanely busy like I am and need an alternative to making it to the gym every day, this app will save your life!

Also on the same page is this workout outfit from Fabletics. It’s not new; I’ve had it for a couple months. I’m just currently obsessed with it! I always get so many comments about it, and it’s so comfortable! It keeps everything in place firmly while still giving me tons of mobility in my workouts.

Those are my March favorites, but I’m already thinking about April! If you want to purchase the gloss or the dry shampoo, I linked them in the post, so go ahead and give them a try! They’re amazing and you definitely won’t regret it!

Take 2…and…ACTION!

Hello, it’s me, Kate, and I am alive.

I tried getting back into blogging before, but it was not a good time. I’ve gone through some bizarre life changes in the last several months (which maybe I’ll go into deeper eventually), which include (but are not limited to) an unexpected new job, the increasing intensity of an accelerated graduate program, internship hunting, apartment hunting, planning a wedding, and still trying to maintain some semblance of a social life.

It’s been ROUGH. Lately though, I’ve been feeling really stuck and frustrated creatively, and like I didn’t have enough time to do the things that I really enjoyed doing or really wanted to do. With that feeling, I decided to give my blog the revamp I’ve been craving and tentatively get back into it.

I’m not going to set myself a schedule, or a required number of posts for now. That’s what got me  so overwhelmed last time, and this is supposed to be FUN! So for now, it’ll just be me, checking in when I can. (Things should calm down in the next month or so – hopefully anyway.)

For now, stay tuned for some fresh and FUNKY new content. I have some cool things planned (can anyone say WEDDING POSTS) that will hopefully help me get back in the groove, and we’ll be gliding along shortly. I’ll start deleting some of the older ones (or maybe entirely clean them out, who even knows) shortly.

If anyone is actually reading this after my absurdly long hiatus, I love you, and I think you should have a pint of Halotop tonight. Because you DESERVE IT.


Blogtober Day 31: HAPPY HALLOWEEN


I was going to write this yesterday, but then I realized that the festivities hadn’t actually occurred, and thus I would have nothing to talk about, so here we are.

Guys, I love Halloween. The entire day just seems super spooky no matter what you’re doing. Like, I was driving down the Merritt Parkway and all the yellow leaves were just giving me major fall/Halloween vibes. Anyway.

Yesterday was sort of a miscellaneous day until the night; I read a spooky book with a fall candle. I went to the bank and the grocery store. I did some laundry. And THEN it was HALLOWEEN TIME.

My roommate and I, and one of our friends, and one of her friends from work all went out together (actually to the bar where I work) for some pretzels and beer, and obviously we were super extra the entire time (See below).

basic witch 1

This costume was SO easy but one of my favorites! I’d bought this body suit ages ago and never worn it, so tonight was the night! My twin (sorority) gave me the velvet skirt when she was cleaning out her closet, so the only things I bought were the spider web tights and super extra hat. And honestly, when you’re a little drunk, the netting on the hat is the most fun thing to play with.

All in all, it was a super successful Halloween. We had a ton of fun, ate some good things, and I read a couple super spooky books (definitely read Disney’s Hocus Pocus, thanks Mom!!!!). And I’m definitely breaking this Halloween costume back out for our Halloween event at work on Saturday, and also probably next year TBH.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween! Now that Blogtober has officially ended (thanks for following!) I’m going back to a regular posting schedule, probably Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun. Could change, but that’s what I’m aiming for right now.

Catch ya later my spooky friends!

Day 28: Self Care Sunday: Walks in Nature

Ahhh we’re so nearing the end! I’m trying to make it with a strong finish, and there’s definitely a lot I’ve learned about doing Blogtober, but ANYWAY. Today’s Self Care Sunday I actually got the idea for earlier this week. I had woken up and was supposed to go to the gym for a really intense workout, but what I wanted more than anything was a nice, slow, meditative walk in nature. So after arguing with myself for 45 minutes, I decided that going to the gym wouldn’t actually be that productive because A) I would hate myself the entire time, and B) I would be so miserable being there that the workout would probably suck. So in the interest of #SelfCare, I put on my sneakers and set out on a walk down to the riverside.

Something about being out in nature just resets me, and I think this is a pretty universal feeling. The air is clear, the weather is soothing, and something about all the trees really just helps you get in touch with yourself. At least that’s how I feel. So I downloaded a podcast from Kalyn Nicholson, put on a jacket and my sneakers, and went for a walk. I spent a lot of the walk practiciing mindfulness; trying to be cognizant of the way the leaves looked, of how the air felt, of the scent in the air. I found a flower randomly going out of the pavement, and then had a rush of gratitude; if I hadn’t been watching where  I was going, I would’ve missed it entirely.

Literally just growing right out of the sidewalk!   

I live right near the Naugatuck River, and there’s this beautiful little river walk I love to run on, and that was where I decided to go take my walk. So I walked down there, saw the sun, smelled the river, and honestly just felt so at peace with the world. It sounds so “hippie-dippy”, but some time in nature is sometimes really just what you need. As much as we all think of meditating as sitting criss-cross on the floor, sometimes it’s just as helpful to walk through nature and be mindful of your surroundings. That was what I focused on Sunday, and as much as I was obsessed with getting home and getting a bunch of tasks finished, I tried to push all that away in favor of just being mindful and enjoying what I was doing in that moment.

Casual morning. I am so grateful to live near something so beautiful.

In the end, I ended up walking 3 miles, which although took me about an hour at a much slower pace than I would’ve normally run, was super cathartic and wonderful. I returned home at peace, feeling at one with the world, and ready to take on the day. Sometimes, we need to just forgive ourselves, take it easy, and do what’s best for our minds versus what we believe is the ultimate end-all-be-all. I’m still learning how to accept that, but it’s something I’m really trying hard to believe in.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this Self Care Sunday, and here’s to making a strong finish with the rest of Blogtober!

Blogtober Day 25: How I Celebrate Halloween

Hey y’all!

Blogtober is coming to an end in just 6 days, and I’ve definitely failed a bit at it, but I’m still going to go along pretending like I haven’t for a little while longer. Today, I’m sharing with you a guest post I wrote for my lovely friend Sophie! She is also doing Blogtober, and I’m so excited she gave me the chance to be apart of it! Click here to read my post and check out the rest of Sophie’s blog!

Screenshot 2018-10-25 16.30.17.png

If you can’t get the hyperlink above to work, copy and paste this one into your browser: